My very first blog!!

Well Hello there!!

So today I decided that I would like to start… well… writing!!

You know, just writing about the things happening in your life…

I thought about getting a diary… but we all know that a diary is only used for a few months before it gets shoved under your bed or dumped in a drawer. Or that’s what usually happens to me…

Then I remembered that I knew another word besides “diary”… and yes, this word is blogging.

I didn’t really have any idea on how to start a blog, but that’s what google is for!!

I did some research on this new topic I had discovered, and I thought: MAN THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN!!

So, here I am, experimenting with my new app called “WordPress” and talking a lot of bull’ :)..

I will be using this blog to talk about things happening in my own life, how I experience it and what advice I have or life lessons I’ve learned during this experience.

I hope that you will enjoy my blog, because first hand experience often leads to advice that actually work!! Trust me, I’m talking out of experience !! 🙂

I would also just like to add that my home language is not English, so if I make spelling or grammer mistakes, please do not bite my head off!! I will try my best though to make my blog as interesting as possible, for your enjoyment!! 🙂

If you have any advice whatsoever on being a blogger, pleeeaaase feel free to leave me some comments!! I would really appreciate it if you help me on making this blog as interesting as possible :)!!



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